Starting a Business in California: What You Need to Know

When starting a new business in California there are many important decisions to make and rules & procedures that need to be addressed. Learn what licenses & permits may be needed for your operation.

Starting a Business in California: What You Need to Know

When it comes to starting a business, there are many important decisions to make and a lot of rules and procedures that need to be addressed. While there is no single source for all filing requirements, the following steps have been developed to help you start your business in California. Certain types of businesses are exempt from the need for a Business Tax Registration Certificate (BTRC). If your company falls into one of these categories, you don't need to apply for a BTRC.

However, if your company is found to be operating without the required license, it can cause your customers to doubt their ability to conduct business competently or ethically. The California Governor's Office of Economic and Business Development maintains a handy search tool that can help you find what licenses and permits may be needed for your operation. Writing a business plan is an important step in the process of figuring out how to start a business in California. It's a fairly straightforward document that can help you understand the nature of your business and the county in which you operate. Depending on these factors, you may need to apply for additional licenses and permits in California.

In addition to federal taxes, your California company will be responsible for other taxes. If you're looking to start a business, California is large and diverse enough that there are a wealth of business opportunities across the state, particularly in the worlds of technology, agriculture, and professional services. Gov has links to numerous resources on starting businesses in Golden State, including state funding and incentives or information on relocating an existing business. You can make sure that your company name is not taken by consulting the California business name search engine and other local registry services. Thousands of businesses in California are using Shopify to boost their online stores, and every day, more entrepreneurs are starting their journey to start their own business. However, depending on the structure of your company and the number of permits and licenses your company requires, it could cost several hundred dollars or more to get started. Starting a business in California can be a great way to be your own boss while bringing new products, services and ideas to your community.

The California Business Investment Services unit offers customized site selection services for businesses, real estate executives, and site selection consultants. Regardless of the structure of your business, you may need to obtain a business license, permits, or both to operate in the State of California. If you don't have a complete concept for your product or service, Shopify has business resources available to help you understand how to start a small business in California and work through the process of understanding what products to sell and who to market them to. Most successful businesses start with a business plan, whether it's required to register or not.